Mission Statement

We want to provide people with a community-driven marketplace that makes product consumption sustainable, builds communities by connecting neighbors through business, and makes fun more affordable.

SHÄP is an organization founded with the purpose of supporting everyone’s ability to access everything. We seek to develop the marketplace structure and improve consumerism to align with economically sound ways of living that make fun more affordable. We revolutionize the way business is conducted.

SHÄP was made to give you freedom of choice and flexibility when it comes to shopping for items and trying new things. There’s a lot of potential in the marketplace to restructure it in a way that empowers you and your finances. Shäpping creates a more community immersive experience where you simultaneously “buy” a product and connect with your neighbor.

You should feel free to live your life. We want to make this easier for you, whether that’s by helping you source affordable items or by supplying a space for you to rent out items you don’t use to add an income stream.

We believe control belongs in your hands, no matter what. That’s why we focus on creating strong trusted community markets – to give you a safe space to shop and do business within your community.

We’re here for you.

Let’s start Shäpping

A whole community of Shäppers rests in the palm of your hand. Let’s Shäp.