How SHÄP Works

SHÄP is a peer-to-peer marketplace on which you rent from and rent to people in your community. You get paid to share your items that other people want to rent. Or you can rent items you only need for a certain amount of time.

SHÄP focuses on building community sharing markets to make it easier for neighbors to connect and share their items to help them find what they need. We like to keep the money in the neighborhood, in the pockets of the people.

Sign in to rent

Every Shäpper needs an account to verify their identity. We want to keep the community safe and trusted. Having an account allows for an easy and safe experience when renting from or renting to a trusted and verified neighbor. This also allows each user to review and rate the experience of the renter or owner. If you haven’t yet, sign up here.

Search for an item

Once logged in, use our filters to search for a specific item. You apply the filters, and we generate results of items available to rent that match your requests. You’re then able to swipe through and favorite items you like while discarding those that don’t match your needs. Someone has what you’re looking for and we want to help you find it.

Pick an insurance option

Accidents happen. Protect the items you rent by choosing one of our insurance options. We know you’re going to take good care of every item you rent, but insurance adds a layer of protection. Keeping items in good condition means more opportunities for others to rent that specific item and less need for overproduction of the same item. It also ensures peace of mind on both sides.

Talk to your SHÄP neighbor

This is a neighbor-to-neighbor, Shäpper-to-Shäpper market, not consumer-to-corporation. Connect with your neighbor. Get to know the person who lives right down the street from you. Find out more about the item you’re interested in. We are driven by creating strong communities, and strong communities communicate.

Rent and repeat

You set the amount of time you want to rent the item. If at the end of the specified time you decide you need more, you can request a rental extension for no added fee. Return it when you’re ready. Also, there’s no limit to how many things you can rent at once, so if you need to rent multiple items, rent on.

Sign in to rent out

Are you ready to put the things lying around your house to work? Sign in and post the items you’re interested in renting out. Rent out your bike, your books, your anything. The sooner you post, the sooner you’ll help another community member find what they need, while also making some side cash. If you haven’t yet, sign up here.

Post your item

Once you’re logged in, it's time to post your item. Be sure to include high-quality pictures, a description of the product, and any other information that would be valuable for the renter to know. If you have special requests for the renter such as don’t use camera for UFO hunting, book best read from left to right, etc. then include that information in the posting. Based on what you add, we will match your item with interested renters. The more you specify what you’ve listed, the easier a renter will find your posting.

Set your price & pick insurance

You’re in control of the price and time you want to rent your item out for. Maybe you only want to part ways for a few days. Or maybe you’d be fine never seeing that item again. It’s up to you. When you’ve decided on these parameters, pick one of our insurance options to protect your items. We know you care about your possessions. So do we.  

Talk to your SHÄP neighbor

Be sure to reach out to interested renters. Perhaps they’re trying to decide between an item you’ve posted and a similar item another user has posted. Or maybe they’re unsure about an image or description you’ve posted. The best way to ensure further trust is to communicate.

Rent and repeat

If you have more items which you’re not using lying around your home, why not post those, too? The more items you list, the more opportunities to make some side money and help work towards a future where markets are for the community by the community.

Let’s start Shäpping

A whole community of Shäppers rests in the palm of your hand. Let’s Shäp.