How to create the perfect listing

When posting an item to rent out on SHÄP, you will need to include a good description, high-quality photos, category tags, price, and rental duration. Focus on detailed information when it comes to posting an item. Renters want to know. Make it easier by making it clearer. Here’s How:

Create a new listing

Open the app, sign into your account, and navigate to the create a post page.

Take high-quality pictures

To give the renter a better idea of your listing, place the item on a plain background. Then, be sure your lighting is good. Use natural lighting, light coming through windows from outside rather than ceiling lights, if possible. Natural light will help you avoid yellow tints and glare and allow the picture to closely represent what it looks like in real life. Then, take pictures from different angles. When you’re done, it is time to write.

Describe what you are renting out

When you talk about the product, talk about the features and the benefits. Features are what the product does. The benefits are how it will improve the renter’s life.

Even though renters will be familiar with the items you list, it doesn’t hurt to go into detail about your item. Be descriptive by including brand, color, specs, material, condition, and ways you’ve used it in the past.

If you have special requests, state those here. You might be fine with parting ways with your camera but don’t want it used underwater. Or you’re fine with a renter riding your bike on the road but not okay with it being used as a stunt bike – unless it is a stunt bike.

Use this opportunity to communicate with the renter. The pictures and description will be the first bit of information the renter comes in contact with. Do your best to make the decision easy for them to choose your item.

Specify price and set duration

Name your price. What are you renting your item out for? Is it valuable? Is the condition good or bad? How long do you want it rented out? Getting the right price is important to attract interested renters, and asking these questions will help you set a realistic renting price.

Submit and connect with interested renters

The perfect listing doesn’t stop with posting. To really stand out, connect with your neighbor and interested renter. Answer any further questions they have and be willing to communicate. They are your neighbor and we here at SHÄP are all about connecting and building trusted communities.

If you have any other items, follow the steps above and post those items too.

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