How to make that Human Connection

There’s more than just one reason for living in the city: it’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s style. In short: it’s life and people. Life is diversity. People are diversity. You are in the city because you like it. Otherwise, you’d live on a ranch or a houseboat. You want to be a part of the city, and the city wants you.

This is where you can get everything you want or need. And it’s the place to meet people who are just like you: open minded, curious, creative, free. They are waiting for you just as you’re waiting for them. So it’s time to get together NOW.

It’s the 21st century, got it? It’s the age of TikTok and YouTube. It’s the time to express yourself, to define yourself for a summer, a week, a day, an hour, it’s up to you. Be anything you want and still keep it 100. You are so much more than just a label or an idea. Live your life according to your standards, here and now. If you want to change, then change. There’s inspiration all around you. Everybody has a story, at least one. Everybody has a style. Everybody can be your inspiration or your fan. Find people to have fun with, who reflect who you are. You don’t have to be GOAT, just be as much of yourself as you can be. There’s nothing more lit than finding the right people who are like you, reflecting all you are. There’s nothing more lit than becoming all you can be.

And that’s what SHÄP is all about. Whatever you want, whatever you need to express yourself, to show another side of yourself, you can find it via SHÄP – plus meeting new, exciting people who may become your friends. This is about community, about belonging. It’s about trial and error, spontaneity. If you want to know how it feels to blow your horn, just get one. And not from BIG business but from someone like you yourself. Maybe from an enthusiast, a neighbor. Maybe from a professional musician. You’ll get it for as long as you need it to figure out if you’d like to buy one yourself – and you’ll lend it for a bargain price, maybe with some free advice on top, a chat, a laugh, definitely with the chance to meet a new friend.

You’d like to have a theme party and all you still need for it are furniture and props – get them here, via SHÄP. Maybe with an additional idea for the menu, a smile, an offer for assistance – just lend it, make your idea become reality, have fun, and use a chance for communication with real people like yourself.

The time has come to share experiences, things, ideas, fun. Everything one ever needs is already somewhere out there. It’s neither a clever idea to reduce yourself to what you’ve got and cancel some really strong ideas nor to waste money on buying things which you may need just once or twice in ten years. It either would be a waste of creativity or a waste of money.

Of course you can investigate and research yourself to find somebody who MAY lend you what you need – which would be a waste of time since SHÄP is here for you to do that job. We’ve got the people who SURELY are offering just what you need. That’s easy. That’s fun. That’s a lifestyle for sharp people. Life is difficult enough. Take it easy, ask SHÄP, be happy. It’s all up to you. Do it!

Let’s start Shäpping

A whole community of Shäppers rests in the palm of your hand. Let’s Shäp.