Insurance and protection

Most people like buying things brand new. New things feel good. They look shiny. They’re fresh off the press, never used. Buying new things brings so much excitement that when you first get them, all you want to do is use them.

But how long after you buy them do you stop using them or forget about them altogether? How much dust do they collect? And when do they get buried deep down under the pile of all the other new things you buy?

Buying brand new things and paying full price for an item you end up rarely using can become an expensive hobby. Up until this point, I’d imagine you thought that buying new was the better option when shopping. But have you ever considered renting instead?

Renting through SHÄP benefits everyone.

  • You save money by paying a fraction of the full price
  • You help work towards reducing emissions
  • You connect with your neighbors keeping the money circulating in the hands of your community
  • You reduce product waste by using something someone already bought
  • And by paying less you have more money available for the fun things in life. Or you can take the money you save from renting and rent more.
  • You’ll find just about everything on SHÄP - cameras, furniture, electronics, exercise equipment, etc.

We want to create a community that is safe, offers a lot of renting options, and actively works to reduce waste by giving communities a space to rent from and rent to. And renting on SHÄP is easy. All you need to do is sign up, verify your identity, and get to shäpping.

You will have peace of mind knowing that who you’re renting from is who they actually say they are and is in fact in your neighborhood. SHÄP is a no-risk service. When we say no risk, we mean items are protected and insured, and there is no risk when it comes to your safety. We value safety in communities, and because SHÄP allows neighbors to rent to and rent from, we want to ensure your safety and ease when doing business.

Insurance via KYC

We insure items because we know accidents happen. We protect our users by requiring verification of identity via strict KYC because safety and trust are important. Every user requires verification. Trusted communities rely on honesty and transparency. The KYC creates a secure place for neighbors to connect and do business when renting items. To help you understand how safe you are when renting on SHÄP, we require that users not only identify who they are but also verify they actually live in the neighborhood. The KYC helps ensure that people you rent from live in your neighborhood.

Our security and safety measures exist so that you can focus on having fun. Life should be enjoyed. Renting items gives you flexibility and money to have more fun and freedom to enjoy life. Life doesn’t need to be focused on getting the next new thing when something used will do the job just as well if not better than something new.

Are you someone who owns a lot of useful things that never get used? Those items sit around collecting dust and take up space at home, and every once in a while you look at them and think I need to use that. But you later forget about it, and so it goes on collecting more dust.

Well, why not put your idle items to work, with SHÄP? You can make passive income, help a neighbor rent an item they temporarily need, and gain peace of mind knowing something you bought is being used.

Let’s say you have a bike you bought a few summers ago because you were really into biking. Now you never ride it. Not because you don’t want to. You’re just too busy working or focused on another hobby. You’ve thought about selling your bike multiple times but always come to the conclusion that at some point you will want to use it.

Here’s the good news, someone is looking to rent what you already own. Instead of selling your bike, rent it out. Keep your bike and ride it yourself down the road.

With SHÄP, you can rent out just about anything. All you need to do is create an account, follow our simple guide on how to make the perfect listing, and then rent your items to the renter. There is no limit to how many items you post. So, if you have more items lying around your home to rent out, do it.

If you’re worried or hesitant about the thought of your items being rented out, worry no more.

SHÄP is a no-risk service. Everything you rent out is insured. We take care of this directly. We know accidents happen. We also know that you care about the items you rent out. We care too. We want to make sure you feel comfortable renting out your items so that you’re not worried the whole time someone is renting your item. Our insurance has you covered.

We also verify everyone’s identity on SHÄP. Security and safety are the center of the business. As someone renting out their items, you have peace of mind knowing your items are being rented out to someone trusted in your neighborhood.

We do a strict KYC (Know Your Client/Customer) in order to make sure the person you’re renting out to (or renting from) is really who they claim to be. The KYC is an established way of verifying the identity of SHÄP users. Trusted communities rely on honesty and transparency. The KYC creates a secure place for neighbors to connect and do business when renting items. The KYC aids the trustworthiness of the relationship between Shäppers.

To help you understand how safe you are renting out with SHÄP, we require that users not only identify who they are but also verify they actually live in the neighborhood. We focus on the community and keeping business local between neighbors. The KYC helps ensure that business happens within your neighborhood. Your items will be close to home.

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