SHÄP & Sustainability

Whatever else people may think and say about it, we’ve been living in a material world for quite a while, which has started to change our environment. From pole to pole you can find traces of human production. There’s even micro-plastics in the deepest depths of the sea.

Whether you believe in climate-change being manmade or not, there’s no way to deny the waste we have produced and are continuing to produce. We exploit water and other natural resources, we use electricity for corporate production, and we use vehicles that still mostly run on petrol for shipping and distribution of goods which sooner or later will be thrown away, too. And only bits of them will get recycled. The world of tomorrow is a world of yesterday’s trash – if we don’t stop it now, that is. 

But how? By reducing our lives, our creativity, and whatever form of self-expression to what we’ve got today, here and now, at this moment?

Never before have we been offered so many opportunities, chances, occasions to learn and grow and design for each other with each other. So should we just dismiss the spirit of invention and creation? – NO!

There is a way to live your life and to express who you are without worrying about carbon footprints and growing mountains of waste. And it’s so much more than a compromise. It’s a WIN/WIN solution if ever there has been one. Because it doesn’t only allow you to do whatever you want, whenever you want to, it also offers free access to communication, exchange, potential new friends, and maybe co-creators.

Just RENT whatever you need instead of buying it. Share what you’ve got with others and share what they’ve got. That’s what SHÄP is all about.Yes, we’re living in a material world. We’re also living in a world of communication and communities, in a time that’s labelled “fluid”. Go with the flow. Don’t waste money, don’t waste time, don’t waste resources. Use what’s here, meet with likeminded people who want to make a difference. 


Become a member of the SHÄP community that offers you access to what you need when you need it – simple, fast, secure.


The best way for everybody and everything involved to live a modern life to the fullest is to reduce personal belongings to basics of everyday life and to use the power of community for special ideas, occasions, experiments. Rent and find out if it makes sense for you to buy. Reduce your financial risks, reduce waste, while at the same time you extend your personal radius of action and optimize your potentials in all areas of life.

Everybody knows that you don’t need to buy a tuxedo or an evening dress when you get invited to a posh party. There are costume rentals that will help you with it. And you may not buy a new Halloween costume every year but just rent one. And the same principle applies to everything else which you don’t need every day.

It’s easy to see the advantages: you’ll get what you need when you need it and as long as you need it for a low rent – so compared to buying, you save some money. Great. And whatever you need, you’ll rent it from a neighbor who will get some of the money back which they had spent on buying whatever you rent from them. Just as great.

Whatever that special item may be, to produce it has used resources and some “grey energy”, as has the shipping to a shop and then to its new owner. It’s called “grey energy” because it’s hidden in the process. However, it produces pollution, and that means a carbon-footprint. If more than one person uses that item, the carbon footprint gets divided between all users. Easy to see that this reduces negative effects on the environment. If ten people use the same item instead of each buying their own specimen, it means a CO2-reduction by 90%.

That’s a way to show commitment to the environment and the future of our planet. That’s what sustainability is all about. It’s not just a word, it’s an important contribution to life. And still, there’s the extra of meeting new interesting people, getting all kinds of inspirations, joining together in the SHÄP community of resourceful, creative people. There’s something like “social sustainability” as well – to find friends and create bonds which go way beyond the often anonymous, more or less enjoyable contacts within the corporate world. Be there

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