SHÄP: The New Way to Shop

Learn new hobbies, try new things, and be in control of your finances, all without the commitment of buying.

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Learn new hobbies, try new things, and be in control of your finances, all without the commitment of buying.

Many items you buy during regular shopping end up collecting dust somewhere in your home and are forgotten about until years later when you move. You commit to buying the item at full price before knowing if it’ll fit into your daily life.

With SHÄP, you don’t have all that upfront commitment. You’re not forced to pay full price before trying out items to see if they match your lifestyle. You’re in control of your spending and of what comes and what goes. You keep business local and in the community with products that have already been bought by your neighbors. And it’s a better way to build strong trusted communities by doing business with your neighbors. When you rent items, you don’t worry about repair costs, product
depreciation, upfront costs, or commitment.

This is a commitment-free zone, where instead of worrying about a commitment you can instead focus on having fun. When you rent out items, you earn some money, declutter your home, increase your ability to save for something new, and so the power to live a more financially free life rests in your hands. Items you previously bought work for you to better your life.

What's SHÄP?

Imagine shopping without commitment. SHÄP is a new way to shop for things you want to try first. A lot of items we buy end up lying around our homes. In the moment of buying, we think to ourselves how we’re going to use a specific item all the time, but then weeks or months later it just sits in the closet. Now, you don’t have to wonder.

Let’s say you want to learn to play the guitar. You’re ready to invest money into one that sounds beautiful and is made to be played. However, you’re not sure if you’ll play often enough for the price of the guitar and equipment to be worth it.

Instead, you can use SHÄP to find the perfect guitar to rent and get started without committing to the full price. If you end up using it often, you can buy a guitar having full confidence you’ll use it long-term. If you end up not using it, no worries. Simply return it.
SHÄP is a two-way street – rent from or rent to your community. You can earn money from renting out your unused items – post it, snap it, rent it out, and add a stream of income. Or you can easily try something new. You have control. It’s up to you.

What's the Vision?

We want to create strong communities and keep the money in the pockets of the people. With inflation, the price of goods increases. When you shop, the store you buy from sets the price, and you either buy at full price or not at all. If it’s something you need, you buy it. If it’s something you want, you don’t buy it and are left disappointed.

But it shouldn’t be this way. You should be able to have fun, try out new things, and have what you want and need all without breaking your bank.

We created SHÄP to combat ridiculous price increases on products and give control back to the people. Life should be enjoyed. You should feel free. We’re doing this because we want everyone to live in a world where no one is burdened by the cost of living.

What's the Benefit?

Peer-to-peer, Shäpper-to-Shäpper marketplace where the person you rent from and rent to is your neighbor. It’s shopping made personal. Business stays local, and the money circulates in the hands of the people.


Renting items that your neighbor already bought not only builds stronger communities but also progresses us towards a better future economy – an economy that is not reliant on buying everything new but rather on sharing within the community marketplace.

Swipe function

Find an item you want to rent. Or help a renter find what you post. Our matching feature makes it easy for you to filter through and find the perfect match.

Passive income

Put your items to work. Get them off the ground, out the door, and into the hands of someone who wants to rent them. Add a stream of income to your life.


Shäpping gives you the opportunity to connect with your neighbors and build strong communities through peer-to-peer markets, while minimizing upfront costs. Markets thrive in the hands of communities.

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